Hi, I'm Emily.

I use my experience as a maker, marketer, event organizer and handmade shop owner to teach people how to turn their creative side gigs into real deal, thriving businesses.

On whatever scale makes them happiest.



So many courses, so little time.

Listen, I'm a bit of a digital course junkie myself. I know you've got a lot of options.

Most of the courses you'll find on the subject of small business are offered up by people with one of the following perspectives:

  • Retailers (shop owners who purchase wholesale products but don't have experience making.)
  • Manufacturers (larger scale business owners who wholesale to shops, but don't have retail experience.)
  • Business "experts" (people with a whole lot of book learnin' and no actual experience.)
  • Makers (small business owners who have experience selling direct to customers, but not in a brick + mortar or wholesale capacity.)
  • Big Fat Fakers (people who just steal stuff from the internet and slap some pretty graphics together to make you want to give them your money.)

Eeeeeveryone's an "expert" when it comes to making transformation promises and taking your money, so let me explain how I'm different.

I'm the Whole Package

My experience as a retailer, manufacturer, maker, craft show organizer, and marketer give me a unique, and all encompassing perspective with regards to how to succeed as a maker in today's market.


Are you a maker curious about how to sell your work to shops? Our signature course: Wholesale for Handmakers is the perfect tool for grow your small business into the world of wholesale.

Take me to the course!

Grab some of my best FREE tools and kickstart guides and take YOUR creative business to the next level!

How to Price your Handmade Goods

One of the questions I get asked MOST is "How do I price my stuff?".  When it comes to handmade goods, pricing isn't all that straight forward.  I've put together this FREE, simplified guide to getting it right... right from the start.


6 Steps to Starting a Handmade Business

Ok. So maybe it doesn't seem like rocket science, but that doesn't mean there isn't some important stuff to consider before diving wallet first into starting your handmade business. Grab this free guide and prepare for take off!


How to Rock a Craft Show

Anyone can set up a table at a craft market. But in order to make the  most of every opportunity to sell your work (including getting accepted in the first place!) directly to your customers, there are a few key things you could be missing!



I opened my first small business in 2007 after leaving a career as an advertising copywriter and returning home to my small town roots in rural Eastern Ontario.

Since that leap, I have taken my skills as a storyteller and marketer to create my own career as a successful retail business owner, craft market organizer and small business educator of more than 10 years.

I have a passion for helping makers turn their craft into income because of my experience doing it for myself.

I'm here to show you how possible it all is.



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